Our Story

Hi there! SO glad you are here...and TBH if we were meeting in person, we would most definitely give you a hug (we Hattebergs are huggers you see).


Our story really starts when we (Luke&Abby if you didn't catch that :) ) first met, because one of the first things we really connected on was our love for travel, other cultures, and adventure.
Rewind to 2012, when we were running a bit dry in our careers paths (me a teacher, and him in seminary to become a pastor) we were searching for a creative outlet to fuel our minds and hearts. We had just spent the summer volunteering in Spain, and returned both itching to get back to Europe ASAP and with a computer brimming with gorgeous landscapes and quaint Spanish streets that just felt like a tragedy to just let sit there behind a screen.
Our friends who had started a side hustle recently, said "Hey! You should start an Etsy's only 20 cents to list an item!"
And so it began...
Although we never sold a single one of those initial photographs, we did quickly see a gap in the market - beautifully designed push pin maps.
Wanting to purchase one ourselves, after spending a night with friends reminiscing on travel adventures spurred from their push pin map - we went on the hunt.
After pouring over Google and Etsy listings and Pinterest alike, we couldn't find a single map that we would actually want to put in our living room, or that seemed worthy of all these life-changing adventures we experienced. Everything we found on the market was sterile, painfully poorly design, or just clearly imported with a cheap plastic frame.
SO that's how it all began truthfully....with dinner with friends and an ugly map. we launched our first travel maps in the Fall of 2012, and somehow here we are 8 years later!
We ran our business out of our home for the first 5 or so years, moving from a shed that would flood every time it rained to our first home's garage...sawdust trailing all over our kitchen floor, and babies being fed in high chairs as our team members passed through.
Thankfully now, we call a studio and shop in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas home and we specialize in high quality keepsakes for the modern traveler.
Push Pin Maps, custom engraved wooden boxes, personalized travels journals....anything and everything to get our customers to do less dreaming and more GOING. Anything to help them hold on to memories in a meaningful and tangible way, a keepsake actually worthy of those experiences, people, and legacies.
Our love for experience, heirloom quality, minimal design drive our brand and we are just so grateful for this business of ours.
It's a true family business now, and our girls (Everlee 5 and Colette 3) are just as much a part of this company as our incredibly hardworking and invaluable team members.
The Lord's plan certainly wasn't what we anticipated, but like we truly always say...those are the very best adventures.
So grateful you are here!