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Bumps and Bruises Maps -  - Wayfaren

Bumps and Bruises Maps

These maps didn't meet our stringent quality control requirements due to minor blemishes such as light scratches, small indents, slight tears, minor misprints, or small smudges in the print. 

Don't mind a few itty bitty bumps and bruises? Enjoy them at a discounted price in one of our Classic hardwood frames.


Stop just dreaming and start GOING. Track your greatest travels and dream up that next adventure with our modern Push Pin Map with a handmade, solid wood frame. The highest quality and best looking Travel Map you can find.

FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders!


- Our original map design
- Handmade solid Classic hardwood frame
- Large 24" x 36" map (+ frame) or 17"
- Complete with hooks ready for mounting
- Set of 100 push pins included